Our Story


We are internationally organic certified by reputable organizations:
USDA, EU by Control Union Certifications: CU 848769, ensuring product safety and quality for our customers.

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ORGANIC SEEDS was founded in 2015 by Dr. Pear. When Dr. Pear was doing her Ph.D. in Melbourne, Australia, she developed a passion for healthy living and Superfoods. She realized the need to bring the Australian superfoods’ culture to Thailand so people can enjoy and reap health benefits of Superfoods. With her mission to promote healthy nutrition in the community and to bring a sense of discovery and adventure into Superfoods market, Organic seeds has become the original and No.1 organic Superfoods supplier in Thailand, endorsed by local celebrities, bloggers and health influencers.

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ORGANIC SEEDS starts from a small online organic shop on instagram with totally no e-commerce experience and little investment. Our first month back in 2015 we only have 500 followers. We kept our eyes on the ongoing followers day by day. In the beginning, it was only my sister and I. We worked every single steps, from selecting products, monitoring products’ standard, importing management until packing and posting to customers. It was really hard work for us, as SUPERFOODS were really new for Thais but we had very strong confident that this is going to work well and now we did it.

We carefully seek the world for the best source and best quality product serving right to your door. In just the first few months, we received over expected orders and that was really fulfill. We gradually grew our fans via online and pop up stores. We are a very first list for Organic Superfoods shop because we receive great feedbacks from our customers and so we let the voices of customers speak.

Dr. Pear


Our products are available in supermarkets chains such as Rimping, health food stores, gym and more.
We ship worldwide. We have both retail and wholesale prices.


Our mission is to promote healthy and beauty lifestyle to community. We create workshops and events regularly to spread out nutrition information and bring people from many circles together to share their experiences.